Davis Graves



Date of Birth 

January 26



Current Location 

Scottsdale AZ



What's your setup 

Most recently: Recon, Caliber, Street Slayers 78a

Favorite Terrain 

Downward sloping pavement

Favorite Skating Discipline 


How you got into skating 

I grew up skateboarding street style with my brother, but eventually transitioned into wake boarding and other water sports. I picked up longboarding in college primarily for transportation and cruising, but quickly leared the art of downhill riding after joining the ASU XDevils.

Favorite part of skating 

The focus and attention to detail; each moment is a calculation that frees the mind of the mundane.

Favorite Event 

The ones where my friends take home trophies.

Worst Fear 

An empty coffee pot and Justin Bieber.

Favorite saying

'Biker rights! Take the lane!'

Worst bail

Predrifting too late into a left.